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ReqMed Company, Ltd. was established in May 1998 in order to begin producing drugs supported by the progress of advanced scientific technique.

Our company motto is "Required Medicine for All Who Request It." True to our motto, our number one goal at ReqMed is to aid the people of the world in achieving a healthy lifestyle. In order to realize this goal, our employees -- a focused and committed team -- diligently study to keep up to date on the latest knowledge concerning biotechnology. Furthermore, we use the experience that we have accumulated to the maximum degree in order to tackle challenges and find solutions. Our company is happy when our help has furthered the creation of new drugs and medical treatment.

Our dream is to provide the best resources for developing efficacious treatment and medications that are easily available to everyone. ReqMed wishes to reach out and provide all those who are in need with a means to enjoy a healthy and happy life, and the power to achieve it.

The 21st Century is called the Bio Century. We contribute to innovative biotechnology research and continue to strive to satisfy patients and clients.

Tadashi Matsumoto, Ph.D., MBA
President & CEO

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