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ReqMed Company, Ltd., (the "Company") conducts business with the utmost respect for our clients' privacy and private information. The Company protects that privacy in adherence to the following Privacy Policy and Corporate Compliance Program.

Tadashi Matsumoto
President & CEO
ReqMed Company, Ltd.

  1. Basic privacy policy: Privacy is important private property.

    1. Every individual who is engaged in business with the Company shall strictly adhere to the Privacy Policy and the Corporate Compliance Program and shall maintain clients' privacy and handle private information with accuracy and safety.

  2. The purpose of the Privacy Policy and Corporate Compliance Program.

    1. The Company has established rules and procedures with respect to private client information as set forth in the Privacy Policy to ensure the appropriate collection and use of private information in compliance with applicable privacy standards and regulations and to prevent unauthorized access to private information, or the destruction, falsification and leakage of information.

    2. The Company has established a Corporate Compliance Program to audit compliance with the Privacy Policy, as well as compliance with other Company policies.

  3. Company activities shall follow the basic policy.

    1. Officers and employees of the Company shall comply with the Privacy Policy as well as all other applicable laws and regulations.

    2. The Company appoints a Privacy Manager who is authorized and responsible for implementation and operation of the Corporate Compliance Program and all other company policies, rules, laws and regulations.

    3. The Company appoints a System Auditor who shall conduct a periodic audit of the Company's operations and adherence to the Privacy Policy and the Corporate Compliance Program.

    4. Based on the audit, the Company will implement any necessary changes or improvements to the Privacy Program and/or Corporate Compliance Program.

    5. The Company requests the cooperation from all business partners and individuals in the protection of private information and adherence to the Privacy Policy.

    6. This basic Privacy Policy shall be displayed on Internet homepage (URL) and the Company's prospectus.

    7. The Corporate Compliance Program shall be amended periodically, as appropriate.

  4. Handling of private information.

    1. Collection and use of private information.

      The Company handles private client information only for limited purposes which the Company will disclose to the client.

    2. The Company respects private information.

      The Company respects the right to privacy. When asked to disclose, correct, or delete private information, the Company shall respond to such request as required by law and pursuant to the Company's Privacy Policy and shall endeavor to limit any such request to a reasonable period of time and with reasonable limitations.

    3. Implementation of safety measures.

      To prevent problems such as the leakage of private information outside the Company or the falsification of information, the Company has adopted the Privacy Policy and rules and procedures to implement that policy.

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